Close but no cigar

June 6, 2024

Penrose 1964-73

It's clearly disappointing when things don't play out the way you imagined they would. And that's certainly true about the roller-coaster ride that is Kickstarter.

Before I started the Kickstarter campaign I drew up a list of 'definites', 'maybes', and 'unlikely'.

I had a reasonable following on LinkedIn and seemed to be garnering lots of likes on all posts related to Penrose. But likes unfortunately don't translate into purchases and my definites clearly were not and the maybes turned into unlikely and the unlikely lived up to their description. LOL lessons learnt.

Sir John Hegarty did a great post about how votes dont turn into purchases citing the lack of success winning Eurovision songs have had in climbing the charts (with the exception of a few)

So while disheartened I'm still on for the challenge and since the campaign has been languishing I've had some very encouraging conversations on alternate ways of getting the book published. Watch this space!

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Penrose 1964-73